What IBM ESS Storage System 3000 can do for your business

IBM Elastic Storage System 3000 (ESS 3000) is designed to meet and beat the challenge of managing data for analytics. Packaged in a compact 2U enclosure, ESS 3000 is a proven data management solution that speeds time to value for artificial intelligence / deep learning and high performance computing workloads thanks to its blisteringly quick all-NVMe storage and simple, fast containerized software installation and upgrade. Its no-compromise hardware and software design gives you the industry-leading performance required to keep data-hungry processors fully utilized. ESS 3000 is compatible with all IBM Elastic Storage Server models.

IBM Elastic Storage System 3000

Fast time to value

ESS 3000 combines IBM Spectrum Scale file management software with NVMe flash storage for the ultimate in scale-out performance and simplicity, delivering 40GB/s of data throughput per 2U system.

Operational efficiency

Containerized software install and a powerful management GUI minimize demands on IT staff time and expertise. Dense storage within a 2U package means a small data center footprint.


Software-defined erasure coding assures data recovery while using less space than data replication. Restores can take minutes rather than hours or days and can be run without disrupting operations.

Deployment flexibility

Available in a wide range of capacities from tens to hundreds of terabytes per 2U. Deploy as a standalone edge system or scale out with additional ESS 3000 systems or with IBM Elastic Storage Server.

Key features of the IBM Elastic Storage System 3000

  • IBM Spectrum Scale
  • IBM Spectrum Scale Erasure Coding
  • True scale-out capability
  • Global sharing and collaboration
  • Policy-based tiering
  • Integrated and modular
  • Ease of management

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