What IBM DS8900F can do for your business

IBM® DS8900F is the next generation of enterprise data systems built with the most advanced POWER9™ processor technology. Designed for data intensive and mission-critical workloads, DS8900F adds next-level performance, data protection, resiliency and availability across your hybrid multicloud solutions through ultra-low latency, better than seven 9's availability, transparent cloud tiering and advanced data protection against malware and ransomware.

Cloud Native

Accelerate tasks associated with developing, deploying, and maintaining cloud-native applications to unlock the unmatched value for mission critical workloads

Encryption Everywhere

Protect 100 percent of your data wherever it resides across your hybrid multicloud

Cyber Resilience

Continue delivering your business outcomes despite adverse cyber incidents, protecting your data from being modified or deleted due to user errors or ransomware attacks

Flexible Storage

Deploy IBM DS8900F across businesses of all sizes and different needs through a variety of flexible racked and rack mounted configurations

Key features of the IBM DS8900F

  • Ultra-low application response times
  • Optimized for IBM z15 and IBM LinuxONE III by design
  • Advanced disaster recovery with 3 and 4 site replication
  • Safeguarded Copy for malware and ransomware protection
  • Transparent Cloud Tiering
  • IBM Copy Services Manager
  • Intelligent data placement across flash tiers
  • AI-driven management and proactive support

Which option is right for you?

  • IBM DS8910F Model 993

    For midrange organizations looking for powerful enterprise capabilities in a flexible rack mountable solution at the lowest entry cost

  • IBM DS8910F Model 994

    For midrange organizations looking to meet storage challenges with advanced functionality delivered as a single rack solution

  • IBM DS8950F Model 996

    For large organizations looking to consolidate all their mission-critical workloads for IBM Z, IBM LinuxONE and IBM Power Systems