Building the right information architecture (IA) is crucial to AI success

AI workloads and data pipelines have unique infrastructure requirements. So how can you craft the right architecture for your AI data storage?

IBM Storage simplifies your journey to AI

Storage for AI and big data simplifies your infrastructure with optimized solutions for  different stages of the AI journey to drive greater insight, value, and competitive advantage from data.

  • Simplify your journey to AI with a comprehensive data and AI portfolio
  • Build an AI infrastructure for modern solutions, from edge to core to cloud
  • Enable easier multicloud  and container connectivity with integration to IBM Cloud Pak for Data and IBM Storage Suite for IBM Cloud Paks


Make your data AI ready throughout the organization


Ingest and store data for easy access


Catalog data with policy engine


High-performance data access

Modernize AI

A solid information architecture is the foundation for artificial intelligence. Modernizing your data means building an information architecture for AI that provides choice and flexibility across a client's enterprise. Storage for Data and AI helps you make your data ready for AI.

IBM Storage Suite for IBM Cloud Paks

See a complete software-defined solution for Red Hat OpenShift environments delivering flexibility for AI workloads regardless of the capacity and performance workload.

Red Hat OpenShift Container Storage IBM Spectrum Discover support

Red Hat OpenShift Container Storage (OCS) now supports IBM Spectrum Discover. This enhancement adds real-time data ingest to an enterprise data catalog for governance and AI integration to IBM Watson solutions.

IBM Spectrum Scale container native access support

Containerized for fast and easy deployment and optimized for performance by clustering storage with one to many IBM Spectrum Scale nodes.

Collect data

Data is the fuel that powers AI, but it can become trapped or stored in a way that makes it difficult or cost prohibitive to maintain or expand. Customers need to unleash that data so it can expand from edge to inference in a simple and cost-effective infrastructure.  IBM Storage for data and AI makes data simple and accessible for a hybrid multicloud infrastructure with AI storage solutions that fit your business model.

IBM Elastic Storage System 5000 (ESS 5000)

The ESS 5000 is the new-generation platform for data lakes with speed, market leading performance, density and scalability.

Storage for AI object storage repository

Object storage is the choice for online scalable repositories required by many AI workloads, thanks to its high durability and easy-to-manage large data capabilities.

Storage for AI file and object storage repository

Meet the challenges of AI storage with high performance and scalability from edge to core to cloud now with container-native storage access for Red Hat OpenShift.

Organize data

AI can only be as good as the data it relies on. Businesses must fully understand what data they have so they can leverage it for AI and other organizational needs, including compliance, data optimization, data cataloging and data governance. IBM Storage for AI and data delivers data in real time and provides continuous updates from your enterprise data sources, the perfect solution for your AI storage needs.

IBM Spectrum Discover

Automate cataloging/indexing and ensure real-time data updates are integrated and current with IBM Spectrum Discover. Enable comprehensive insight, data governance and optimization, now integrated with IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog for powerful insights that link to additional business data.

Watson Knowledge Catalog

One click integration from Spectrum Discover to IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog.  Create smarter data by integrating enterprise file and object data information from IBM Spectrum Discover with IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog. Get analysis and insights together with other vital enterprise data and information.

Analyze data

There is no AI without an information architecture (IA). Organizations must plan for issues beyond just the deployment of AI; they need to build an AI infrastructure with the confidence that it can scale. IBM Storage for big data provides a simple and integrated AI infrastructure for analysis from edge to inference.


Two of the most powerful computers on the planet - Summit and Sierra – are purpose-built for AI, and both depend on IBM Storage.

IBM Storage for Data and AI with Power Systems

A fully optimized, scalable and supported AI platform that delivers blazing fast performance, proven dependability, and resiliency. This is IT infrastructure designed for enterprise AI.

IBM Storage for Data and AI with NVIDIA DGX Systems

Get the scalable throughput you need to support groundbreaking performance and data science workloads; more GPU-accelerated servers in a single rack; and extended data management that drives developer productivity.

IBM Elastic Storage System 3000 (ESS 3000)

The ESS 3000 is the simplest way to deploy the same world-class storage that powers the world’s most powerful supercomputers.

Customer use cases

University of Birmingham

Learn how one university seized control of storage resources to meet rising demand for its research facilities.

University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

“On the hospital floor, IBM Storage solutions are having a real impact: orders go in faster, test results are available sooner, and uptime is improved across all systems.”

Nightingale Health

Learn how Nightingale Health addresses the global chronic disease crisis to enable everyone to live healthier lives.

Data and AI solutions

IBM Storage for Data and AI with Splunk® (SmartStore)

IBM Cloud Object Storage for Splunk SmartStore  can optimize an existing Splunk deployment with a new architecture that can lower cost.

IBM Spectrum Scale with Cloudera

Combines the extreme parallel performance with NVMe access, enterprise data services with integrated data lifecycle management, and massively scalable storage with the integrated support for Hadoop analytics.

IBM Spectrum Archive

Enable lowest-cost AI storage with direct file access to data stored on tape, for cost-effective and highly scalable active archives.

IBM InfoSphere Virtual Data Pipeline

Give users access to production data without impacting priority workloads or compromising data security and privacy. Get started with Virtual Data Pipeline to accelerate analytics and modernize applications.

What the experts are saying about storage for data and AI

IBM Storage is simplifying the AI Journey for end users with new storage systems for data lakes with market-leading performance, density and scalability. Enhancements include IBM Spectrum Scale data acceleration for AI, substantial performance enhancements to IBM Cloud Object Storage, and a version of IBM Spectrum Discover that is deployable on Red Hat OpenShift. These are the types of advanced features for Big Data and AI workloads that customers need to make analytics and AI an easily deployable model for their businesses.

Steve McDowell, Moor Insights


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