Know how PowerAI clips NBA star footage!

The IBM PowerAI Vision image analysis tool makes it easier to train deep learning models to perform “object detection” and “image classification” tasks, which greatly reduces the training time.

Success cases: Kevin Durant 2007-2018 Essence Clip
Analyze the performance of the stars in the past 11 years by AI, and automatically capture the most exciting scenes

Most complete enterprise AI architecture platform

IBM provides the most comprehensive AI integrated development tools to create a complete end-to-end deep learning platform, laying the foundation for enterprises heading to a successful and agile AI; IT staff does not have to spend weeks building systems and tuning parameters, since PowerAI Installation can be completed in just a few hours, allowing developers to immediately use Caffe, TensorFlow, PyTorch, Chainer and other mainstream frameworks for development training.

IBM's exclusive SnapML and Large Model Support enable enterprises to do more deep learning tasks from a single server with a limited GPU.

Exclusive AI speedy server

Equipped with the latest Power9 processor, it supports NVLink 2.0, PCIe 4.0, CAPI 2.0 and other transmission interfaces. Compared to general PCIe 3.0 systems, it can increase the peak I/O transmission speed by 9.5 times (150GB/s).

At the same time, the Power AC922 is also the first server to comply with the OpenCAPI architecture, making high-intensive computing unimpeded with better performance than that of x86.

Industry application scenarios

Building a model is too time-consuming? Too much trouble in reaching an AI talent for help? IBM provides off-the-shelf PowerAI development application paradigms, allowing companies to capture business opportunities and improve performance.

Finance/Anti-counterfeiting label

Combine image and text recognition for comparison to detect forged signatures and prevent insurance fraud.

Telecom/Line construction

Combine image and text recognition to automatically detect errors, reducing human errors and the time required for judgement.

Transportation/Mechanical parts inspection

Use computer vision to perform overall diagnosis for parts and sections, which greatly reduces the time for routine testing and quality control.

Finance/Investment forecast

Use deep learning to convert input data into predictive models and analyze futures indexes for the future.

Retail/Showcase promotion

Evaluate marketing results by monitoring item placement, promotional messages, and sales processes through images.

Medical / Tumor tracking

Use image analysis of tumor growth as a diagnostic reference to improve medical precision.

Manufacturing/Quality inspection

Import the detected data into a deep learning model to improve the quality and efficiency of steel production.

Create your own AI application

The IBM PowerAI deep learning platform combines the popular open source deep learning framework with a single installable suite of software and link libraries to help companies quickly embark on an AI journey.