IBM POWER9 Launch: From Here to AI, Experience IT Infrastructure Reimagined

Hear the innovative features that define IBM POWER9. The speakers will share how the cognitive infrastructure offers a flexible, secure and reliable foundation for accelerating digital transformation and time-to-deployment of AI, big data analytics, deep learning and other modern workloads.

Future Forward Infrastructure: From Here to AI

William Starke
Distinguished Engineer,
POWER Processor Architect, IBM Worldwide

CTO Dialogue: Forget Software Defined or Hardware Driven; It’s time for Co-optimized

Peter Lee
Distinguished Engineer, Systems Hardware,
IBM Greater China Group

Samson Tai
Distinguished Engineer & CTO, IBM Hong Kong

When data-intensive workloads are the bottom line

If anything is certain about the future, it’s that there will be more complexity, more data to manage and greater pressure to deliver instantly. The hardware you buy should meet today’s expectations and prepare you for whatever comes next.

Enterprise cloud-ready

Power Systems easily integrate into your organization’s private or hybrid cloud strategy to handle flexible consumption models and changing customer needs.

No. 1 in reliability by ITIC

Ranked No. 1 in every major reliability category by ITIC*, IBM Power Systems deliver the most reliable on-premises infrastructure to meet around-the-clock customer demands.

Industry-leading value and performance

With Power Systems, clients can take advantage of superior core performance and memory bandwidth to deliver both performance and price-performance advantages.

Don’t just think about the future — be ready for it.

Turn your analytics into a secret weapon and uncover earth-shattering insights in raw data with next-level AI integration capabilities. Learn how IBM Power Systems go beyond standard infrastructure to help you put smart to work.

Meet the IBM Power Systems server family

Find a server to match your workloads, IT environment and budget

Accelerated servers: built-in GPUs

Build an AI foundation for speed and scale with the premier GPU acceleration platform. These new servers feature built-in leading accelerator technology for faster time to AI, database deployment, insight discovery and HPC applications.

Enterprise servers: highly secure and automated

Highly available servers designed with OpenStack-based cloud management and open source automation. With rapid scalability and simplified maintenance and management, these servers provide flexibility during the transition to cloud infrastructure.

Scale-out servers: future-forward flexible infrastructure

Cloud-ready servers with built-in PowerVM virtualization for deploying the right scale-out cloud option to meet your business needs. Grow as you go and gain up to 2x better price-performance than x86 options.

Hyperconverged infrastructure: simplicity meets performance

IBM Hyperconverged Systems, powered by Nutanix, make deploying an enterprise cloud simple by managing the computing, storage and network for all of your business-critical applications through a single pane of control.

Advanced AI insights, faster

Processor architecture and server hardware that gives your business the AI advantage over the competition. Your journey starts now.

Infrastructure for the AI era

Enterprise AI requires a new breed of servers to enable the cutting-edge AI innovation data scientists desire, with the dependability IT requires.

PowerAI: an enterprise-ready deep learning ecosystem

PowerAI brings greater accessibility and performance to to your deep learning, machine learning and AI applications

Elite compute performance

The POWER9 processor fully exploits the capabilities of its GPU accelerators, for simplified execution at 4x the bandwidth of POWER8.

Software solutions that grow with you

Take advantage of OpenStack-based management, automation for your virtual machines and enhanced security.

IBM AIX: the future of UNIX

Scalable and robust enterprise open standards-based UNIX operating system for the Power Systems architecture. AIX has a history of consistently delivering a high-performance secure environment.

IBM i: turnkey OS tuned to your application environment

An integrated platform enabling flexibility and dependability with robust architecture, exceptional security and business resilience. Implementing business applications using IBM i on Power can help you differentiate your offerings and turn operational cost into investment opportunity.

Linux on Power Systems: industry standard and open

An open operating system built by the open source community, resulting in faster processing speed, bandwidth and inherent security. Quickly create new environments to test functionality, with simpler deployment and management.


Breakthrough AI performance

IBM sets tera-scale machine learning benchmark record with POWER9 and NVIDIA® V100™. Available for customers to try as part of the PowerAI Tech Preview portfolio later this year.

Hitting the wall with AI?

AI workloads require advanced infrastructures which many businesses are struggling to build. Find out what to do if you’ve hit an infrastructure wall.

Customize your Power Systems server

Build a Power Systems server based on your workload, using the components you need to get more from the applications you already have.

Visit the IBM Portal for OpenPOWER

Help shape the future of OpenPOWER innovation – and see what’s new with POWER9, NVIDIA NVLink, CAPI and more.

Join the Power Systems user community

Learn, share and compare notes with fellow Power Systems users, as well the latest Power Systems community news.

What exactly is AI?

The Power Systems team recently caught up with some of the leading thinkers in artificial intelligence to ask them to answer the major industry question – what is artificial intelligence?

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