Cloud with confidence

Moving to the cloud can reduce costs and accelerate digital transformation, but you need to be confident your data is protected from external bad actors, internal rogue administrators and other businesses using the same cloud.


The average cost of a security breach in the US is estimated at $11M.


9 billion records were stolen since 2013. Only 4% were encrypted.

LinuxONE: the #1 server for secure cloud

Take advantage of pervasive encryption in a multi-cloud infrastructure.

The LinuxONE platform enables you to efficiently create, deploy and deliver the latest cloud-based digital services to energize your customer experiences while being designed to ensure that trust and compliance are never compromised.

100% of application, cloud service and database data protected with pervasive encryption.

99.999% availability equals less than one hour of system downtime per year.

IBM LinuxONE is capable of handling 30 billion web queries per day.


Pervasive encryption is here

No other Linux server can deliver more protection against both internal and external cyber threats – faster and without changes to applications.

  • Enabled for 100% application data encryption
  • Key protection
  • Insider threat protection
  • Isolated workloads for multi-tenant cloud protection
  • Tamper proof crypto cage

Operational excellence

Better value through data center simplicity

LinuxONE enables rapid development of high quality services through a develop anywhere, deploy anywhere approach built on open standards.

Gain new efficiency by managing your entire workload from a single console:

  • Bring performance and automation data from disparate sources into a single interface
  • Consolidate software licenses
  • Gain integrated monitoring to optimize your network in near real time

Performance at scale

Do up to 1000x the work of x86

With the ability to do the work of up to 1000 x86 cores, LinuxONE handles parallel mixed workloads with hundreds of dedicated I/O processors and the fastest commercial processor available.

  • Scale up or out without slowing down
  • Leverage data in place without sharding
  • Gain up to 50% faster Java performance


Consolidate and save

Tie the infrastructure investment to business growth without having to buy capacity before it is required. Moving your workloads to the new LinuxONE can significantly reduce your risk and save you from many hidden costs driven by the complexity of x86 environments.

  • Smaller industry standard frame
  • Lower entry cost
  • Granular scalability

Hear from customers

“As we continue to expand our business, LinuxONE helps ensure that there's no impact on the performance, reliability and security… We don’t see any convincing rivals to LinuxONE… ”

—Jeffrey Pochily, VP of Network Infrastructure, SinfoniaRX

Meet the LinuxONE family

No other Linux servers on the planet are engineered like these: pervasive encryption, lightning speed, massive scalability and great economics. Our newest member of the family, LinuxONE Rockhopper II™ is sized to fit any cloud data center – whether you are a startup or an established bank.

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IDC hails LinuxONE as the unrivaled platform with the highest levels of security

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