Pricing options to meet your business needs

IBM Cloud® for VMware Solutions offers a variety of pricing options to move and modernize your VMware workloads. Choose either client-managed, dedicated infrastructure or IBM-managed, shared infrastructure to meet your scalability and cost-efficiency needs.

No-cost offers


Enjoy Caveonix for free for 3 months. No minimum order required. Only applicable to net new Caveonix on IBM Cloud customers.

Caveonix: 3 months at no cost



Take advantage of a 3-month, USD 500 credit for new or existing clients — including on-demand or reserved consumption models, in addition to any Veeam consumption for backup and replication. Credit will expire after three months, at which point all costs are the responsibility of the user. Any costs incurred beyond the USD 500 credit prior to the three month expiration is also the responsibility of the user.

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Lower the TCO of VMware and X86 workloads

Use a no-cost Akasia assessment to see a TCO comparison of on-premises environments to the top public cloud providers.

Discounted trials

Single node: Migrate and modernize

The trial includes IBM Cloud Private Hosted and VMware HCX on a single node VMware vCenter Server on IBM Cloud instances. This proof-of-concept solution makes it more affordable to migrate VMware VMs to the IBM Cloud, then modernize them through Kubernetes, all with full stack control. Take advantage of the speed and scale of the cloud while maintaining the same level of control and visibility that you enjoy on premises. 

Start migrating and modernizing


Single node: Data protection and disaster recovery

This trial is designed for the migration and replication of up to 25 simple development or test workloads using the VMware vCenter Server on IBM Cloud with VMware HCX, Veeam, and Zerto. Take advantage of the speed and scale of the cloud for a disaster recovery environment, while maintaining the same level of control and visibility.

Try data protection and disaster recovery


DISCLAIMER: These single-node trial instances are for proof of concept, only. Don't run production workloads on this environment. The trials are intended for up to 90 days of use and will be automatically deleted.

Shared pricing


Compute resources are made available to you on an as-needed basis and you’re billed hourly.



Reserved (monthly)¹

Reserve compute capacity needs with an up-front reservation in a monthly billing model, guaranteeing the resources are available when you need them.

¹ 730 hours = 1 month 

² Microsoft Windows licensing is a high-water mark, so you can use your monthly vCPU with as many VMs as you like. No additional licensing charges will be incurred, unless you exceed your maximum monthly amount.



Other than compute, all resources such as storage and egress are billed based on use. This applies to both On-demand and Reserved consumption models.

³ Using IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions Shared as a Veeam Cloud Connect Replication Target has no Veeam licensing charge.