IBM Cloud® Satellite helps you deploy and run applications consistently across all on-premises, edge computing and public cloud environments from any cloud vendor. It standardizes a core set of Kubernetes, data, AI and security services to be centrally managed as a service by IBM Cloud, with full visibility across all environments through a single pane of glass. The result is greater developer productivity and development velocity.

Why IBM Cloud?

Get universal visibility across applications and environments through a single pane of glass.

Deploy a common set of toolchains, databases, AI and API architectures across public, private and edge locations.

Gain a consistent set of access policies, security controls and compliance (SOC 1, SOC 2, PCI, GDPR) across cloud environments, including those of other cloud vendors.

IBM Cloud Satellite capabilities

Many organizations today operate multiple environments, including on premises, edge and public cloud. Building, deploying and running applications in hybrid and multicloud scenarios can bring challenges that impact performance and user experiences. Examples include:

  • Latency issues that degrade the response time of mobile payment processing requiring payment receipt acknowledgement in less than two seconds
  • Data residency laws that require data to remain “in country”
  • Lack of agility, as applications sprawl across many locations, decreasing development velocity 
  • Lack of visibility, as IT teams may be operating as many as 5 – 8 cloud environments and need visibility of their digital platform and applications for each site 


IBM Cloud Satellite addresses these challenges by launching consistent cloud services across any cloud, on premises or at the edge — with speed and simplicity. This is based off the concept of distributed cloud (08:59), defined as the distribution of public cloud services to different physical locations, while the operation, governance and evolution of the services remain the responsibility of the public cloud provider. 

The result is consistent security, developer services and visibility across all environments. This enhances developer productivity and development velocity toward outcomes such as new market expansion, richer customer experiences or analytics distributed across locations.

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