IBM Cloud Virtual Private Cloud

Define and control your own isolated space in the IBM Cloud™ with Virtual Private Cloud.

What is block storage?

Deploy and customize flash-backed iSCSI block storage from 25 GB to 12,000 GB capacity with up to 48,000 IOPS. Increase storage capacity or adjust your performance on the fly to quickly adjust to changes in workload demands.

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Block storage features

Flexible customization

Choose predefined Endurance tiers with per-GB pricing — ideal for most workloads. Or, fine-tune your environment with allocated IOPS — ideal for workloads with well-defined performance requirements.

Smart and safe management

Stay confident with storage designed to protect against data loss during maintenance or failures with at-rest data encryption, volume duplication and snapshots and replication.

Predictable billing

Lock in your costs without the surprise of hidden fees or additional charges. Help ensure lower costs with TB increments, and for greater flexibility you can choose between hourly or monthly billing for long-term or short-term storage needs.

Global footprint

Provision block storage alongside your cloud servers in IBM Cloud data centers around the world.

IOPS provisioning options


Provision with predefined, per-GB pricing tiers up to 48k IOPS — ideal for most workloads.


Control both capacity and total IOPS per storage volume. Provision in granular increments up to 12 TB and 48k IOPS max.

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