Life is full of paradoxes. Your 24/7 business is no different. You need to be agile, responsive, and flexible to market demands. Yet, your IT needs to be robust, secure and resilient. Tomorrow's winners will be those who can transform these paradoxes into competitive differentiators. At IBM, we have made this transformation your advantage. 

Unbreakable Agility

The hybrid multicloud has become the new normal. While it promises better agility, you need to optimize performance, manage costs and ensure your IT does not break down. Our hybrid multicloud management services provide a secure, integrated platform that is powered by AI and automation. They give you better control of your operations and application performance across all IT environments.

IDC: Accelerate business transformation and agility across multicloud deployments

Find out more about the key enterprise needs and requirements in utilizing hybrid cloud services, which spans both the transformation to cloud and continuous management of cloud environments.

Manage hybrid IT with IBM Services for Multicloud Management

Brings together the needed cloud and service management capabilities providing enterprises with an integrated, single management and operations experience.

Smart is open. Open is smart.

Together, IBM and Red Hat will deliver the next-generation hybrid multicloud platform.

Augmenting Humans

Managing a sprawling IT infrastructure needs timely information. Increasing complexity, vendor incompatibilities and information overload can make this difficult. IBM AI Operation solution, based on IBM cognitive knowledge for IT operations, can identify probable causes and enable proactive incident prevention quickly. It also offers your first step toward autonomous operations and achieving predictive IT.

Anthem + IBM Services: Delivering better insights for better health

Anthem migrated to cloud to modernize its infrastructure and invested in AI to automate core processes and use predictive analytics to build more personal and proactive relationships with its members.

Open IT Up: Cognitive Delivery Insights, IBM Services Platform with Watson

Cognitive intelligence helps you make informed decisions to drive business innovation.

IBM Services Platform with Watson

IBM's foundational data, automation and AI platform used by over 2,000 enterprise clients 

Simple Complexity

Resource constraints, shrinking budgets, and time spent coordinating multiple hardware and software suppliers can make multivendor IT management complex. Yet, doing it right is vital for business competitiveness, operational efficiency and innovation. Our multivendor support services simplify support complexity, remove the multivendor management headaches and keep your IT optimal 24/7.

Volvo Eicher Commercial Vehicles + IBM Services

Simplified manufacturing with multi-vendor support: Modernized support fuels high-availability IT operations and productivity for Volvo Eicher's supply chain.

Forrester: The Total Economic Impact (TEI) of IBM Multivendor Support Services

Forrester study confirms clients can save as much as 25% with IBM Multi-Vendor Support Services. Understand the cost savings and business benefits enabled by IBM MVS.

Innovation in Technology Support

IBM Technology Support Services is revolutionizing IT support for the future, with innovative, advanced technologies to help simplify your IT support management and expand new value to your business.

Elastic Resilience

Balancing infrastructure agility with IT resilience and business continuity is never easy. However, your entire business value proposition depends on keeping your critical systems intact, your data and applications protected and recovering fast from any attack or outage. Our resiliency orchestration service gives you the confidence to grow on resilient yet agile IT. 

Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Limited

ABFRL teamed up with IBM Global Technology Services to build a seamless hybrid IT platform to accelerate digital transformation that drives exemplary customer experience

Forbes Insights: Perception Gaps in Cyber Resilience: What are your blind spots

Understand the hidden risks of shadow IT, cloud and cyber insurance. You can put cyber resilience at the front and center to avoid pitfalls and costly outages.

Surviving the storm of destructive cyber attacks

Watch this interactive webinar where you will learn how you can work out your vulnerabilities and build a safe future proof strategy that will minimize impact and keep your essential business running.

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