Ovum Decision Matrix market assessment names IBM an industry leader

Integrate systems design, requirements, workflow and testing

As products become increasingly software-driven, connected and sophisticated, engineering processes become exponentially more complex. IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management (ELM) is the leading end-to-end, integrated systems and software development solution for complex product management and engineering. 

Deliver higher quality products at enterprise scale with industry-leading requirements management

Connected products demand complex requirements, with seamless use of data, AI and multivariant management

Agile software development means faster software engineering

Cut software development and delivery time significantly by adopting agile methods tuned to customer demands and informed by AI

Leverage sophisticated domain models and simulation to build powerful, innovative digital models

Manage the growing complexity of system design with innovative model-based systems engineering

Enable effective test management in an increasingly complex, connected environment

AI and analytics help engineering teams test across the development lifecycle to achieve higher quality and compliance

Fast-track compliance across your systems and software development and dispersed engineering teams

Full traceability for functional safety and regulatory requirements specified to your industry