Leave Oracle for PostgreSQL

Save significant costs by migrating from Oracle to open-source PostgreSQL


Open and powerful

IBM has partnered with EDB to offer open-source PostgreSQL database products, services and support to help enterprise IT teams keep pace with today’s business needs. This partnership is integral to IBM’s commitment to provide even greater support for the open-source community and to further drive open innovation.

EDB Power to postgres


Migration cost savings

Move Oracle workloads to an open-source enterprise DBMS to reduce operating costs.

Reduced complexity

Simplify with a single solution that spans virtual, cloud and container environments.

Faster, easier builds

Get up and running quickly, and work with everything from SQL to containers to JSON.


Enterprise-class performance

Use cases

Migrate more apps from Oracle

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Migrate more apps from Oracle

Advanced queuing supports a range of application migrations from Oracle to EDB, including applications used for financial transactions, user profile data and system of record information.

Manage larger data sets

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Manage larger data sets

Robust partitioning capabilities — including fast pruning for more data types and prepared statements — better enable EDB Postgres Advanced Server 9.6 to support clients with larger data sets.

Build better configurations

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Build better configurations

Build more robust and flexible configurations using clustering, scale out and integration features. Use synchronous apply confirmation to build truly read scalable clusters.


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Techguide: Postgres for developers

Learn the six things you should know about Postgres installation, use, deployment and more.

Solution brief

Learn about EDB Postgres Enterprise with IBM and EDB Postgres Standard with IBM.

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