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Fully managed census surveys

Measure what matters to your organization, culture and business objectives with customized employee engagement surveys. You can deliver actionable results that move beyond simple reporting to recommendations for action plans that directly impact business outcomes. IBM® Kenexa® Employee Voice has a time-tested track record of success backed by an extensive library of questions, decades of experience and rigorous workforce science expertise.

Pulse surveys

Create a pulse survey in a matter of minutes. Use the organizational mapping tool to get an up-to-date view of your people. You can deploy a survey to a specific team, the entire organization or a targeted group, and you have control over who can create and edit content and what is shared among your users. Employees can complete surveys in seconds on virtually any mobile device or desktop.

Integrated analytics

Use the power of IBM Watson™ to analyze employee survey results and combine it with other workforce data sources for greater context. Use an interactive, near real-time dashboard to ask questions in everyday language and follow the guided data discovery process—no advanced statistical training is needed. Deeper analysis helps you determine next best actions.

Actionable insights into employee ideas, needs and concerns

Build an engaged workforce by understanding and acting upon employee ideas, needs and concerns. Capture, analyze and reveal potential workforce issues and hidden opportunities. Select the most appropriate tools to inspire participation, build a listening coalition, protect privacy and follow up with meaningful, appropriate actions.

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