Key Features

Gain local context leading to the incident

When investigating an incident, QRadar Advisor first gathers greater context about that incident by mining local data available in QRadar.

Perform threat research and develop expertise

Watson for Cyber Security taps its knowledge base of unstructured data and uses reasoning to discover additional insights and other threat entities related to the original incident.

Formulate a threat research strategy

QRadar Advisor formulates a threat query to send to Watson for Cyber Security, to perform external knowledge and threat discovery on discrete observations from the incident.

Apply intelligence to understand the threat

QRadar Advisor then refines the information it receives from Watson, to zero in on the key insights relevant to the current incident. It validates the source of the offense and provides additional context to identify and understand the threat.

Customer case studies

  • QRadar Advisor with Watson: Sogeti Gets 50% Faster Analysis Times

  • Ronan Murphy, CEO Smarttech, talks Watson for Cyber Security - a Game Changer in the Industry