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    What is IBM FlashSystem?

    IBM FlashSystem operates with Flash Storage, which is a solid-state technology that uses flash memory chips for writing and storing data. It has faster response times (microsecond latency), compared to hard drives with moving components.

    Simple solutions for small businesses

    Get your small business humming like a big business. Our storage range suits businesses of all sizes, they’re easy to use, easy to manage and backed by IBM smarts.

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    Free Storage Advice

    Access the same advice as big business. With IBM you get a storage specialist to provide free storage advice as well as help you configure storage solutions to suit your needs.

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    Upgrades Made Easy

    Future-proof your storage like big business does. With IBM storage solutions, not only are they self-optimising, but capabilities can be increased at any stage so your storage solutions can grow as your business does.

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    Next Steps

    Contact an advisor to get help configuring an IBM Storage FlashSystem for your business needs.

    Existing Customers

    Discover current offers for IBM FlashSystem users, stay up to date with product news, code upgrades and join our events.

    1. All prices (incl. Monthly Payment) listed are in Philippine Peso and are the approximate IBM recommended prices excl of applicable taxes. All actual prices charged for these products are set by IBM Partners and might vary from the IBM recommended prices based on a number of matters, such as your final agreement with the IBM Business Partner delivering the product and your storage requirements.