Supplier and Partner Financing programs to meet new market challenges

The dynamic IT industry demands companies act more quickly than ever to stay ahead in today’s highly competitive marketplace.

For over 25 years IBM Global Financing has been providing working capital solutions through inventory financing and accounts receivables financing for IT suppliers, distributors and partners. We have built our business on strong partnerships and expertise. Our purpose is to be essential to our clients. We are dedicated to our clients’ success, which in turn drives our own achievement.

We finance over 40 billion USD annually of IT hardware and software sales from suppliers to their channel partners in over 60 countries worldwide. The depth and breadth of our experience enables us to effectively understand your financing needs in the channel and act as an enabler of growth for your business.

That’s why so many organizations turn to IBM Global Financing for financing solutions to optimize working capital, manage credit risk, capture more sales opportunities, and expand their distribution channel.

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Align with IT industry experts

IBM Global Financing has very strong knowledge and understanding of the IT industry -- because we’re part of it. We are deeply specialized in providing financing for IT solutions and in fact, that’s all we do. IBM Global Financing recognizes IT industry trends, its competitiveness and cooperation, its skew and pressure of quarter end business and pace of constant reinvention. Because of our appreciation and comprehension of the IT industry, we are an ideal financing partner for your business.

IBM Global Financing can help

Our working capital financing solutions help IT suppliers and their channel business partners, both distributors and resellers, by:

  • Enabling channel sales growth
  • Improving cash flow
  • Increasing credit capacity
  • Enhanced financial flexibility
  • Mitigating risk
  • Strengthening partner loyalty

IBM Global Financing offers customized financing programs that include:

Inventory financing

Inventory Financing allows channel partner inventory to be optimized and readily available for resale to end user customers. We reduce pressure on partners to pay based on standard supplier terms and provide credit line flexibility for large orders and seasonal demands.

Accounts receivable financing

Accounts Receivable Financing provides continued access to working capital after product sale allowing for optimal matching with partner cash conversion cycle. We provide financial flexibility to accelerate business growth and effectively manage cash flow demands.

IBM Global Financing expands the liquidity of the distribution channel allowing supplier sales to grow more quickly.

  • Don’t be constrained by geographic reach to support your business now and in the future

    We deeply understand the IT industry and its distribution model around the world. We are committed to strong long-term relationships with suppliers and business partners in every market we serve. We have extensive in-country presence and provide local language, agreements, currency and terms.

    As a result of our experience and global presence IBM Global Financing can take a pro-active approach to local market needs and better understand business partners and their financing requirements.

  • Take the lead with financing as pillar in your channel strategy

    IBM Global Financing provides differentiated financing offerings to help drive desired business outcomes. Channel financing drives positive results as business partners benefit from improved working capital then make additional business investments and commitments which in turn grow sales of supplier products.

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