IBM Certified Pre-owned Equipment

Our pre-owned asset certification program gets you quality IBM pre-owned equipment at competitive prices. We take in pre-owned IBM equipment, refurbish it to current manufacturing standards. According to a Gartner report, “depending on the complexity, location, age and product density of the equipment on order, savings can be 50% to 70% off the discounted price of new, functionally equivalent hardware."1

Every unit is factory refurbished and tested to original IBM manufacturing specifications, so you get the performance and reliability you have come to expect from IBM. Lease, purchase outright, or create your own tailored financing solution. All IBM systems qualify for optional IBM maintenance.

The key role used equipment plays in a sustainable IT management strategy.

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When pre-owned is right for you

Over more than 30 years in the industry, we’ve identified several situations where investing in pre-owned equipment can be an effective alternative in meeting your IT requirements:

When your IT requirements are temporary

A short window to reap the benefits of your system often precludes you from receiving the savings that a long-term investment will deliver.

When you are maintaining an existing IT environment

Adding capacity to an existing environment, keeping it up to date or simply maintaining a legacy system often requires assets that are no longer available on the market. You can meet all your IT requirements by financing a blend of pre-owned and new equipment.

When core IT functionality is all you need

When you need solid, dependable IT equipment, but the newest IT doesn’t fit into your current business strategy, you can save on resources with pre-owned assets.

When you need an efficient backup system or swing kit

When you need an additional system for disaster recovery plans, peak load periods, development, data-migration (swing kit) or testing, pre-owned assets are a cost-effective way to get what you need.

When resources are low

When your acquisition costs are lower, you save money in the long term as well as the short. The savings range from lowering your initial expenses to lowering IT training and software licensing costs, saving you money throughout the IT lifecycle.

When IT sustainability is essential

Reuse of IT equipment is a cost effective way to meet your IT needs while also helping the environment.

Pre-approved for Pre-owned

It’s easier than ever to acquire IBM Certified Pre-owned servers and storage. Get pre-approved financing up to a total transaction size of $250,000, with a maximum of 20% IBM Software, no credit review needed!

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Our guarantees

Certified Pre-owned Equipment
IBM Certified Pre-owned Equipment features the quality and reliability you expect from IBM. Backed by a 90 day quality satisfaction guarantee, IBM Certified Pre-owned product purchases are refurbished, tested and certified using rigorous processes and original manufacturing standards, and all systems qualify for optional IBM maintenance.

UNIX, midrange, mainframe servers and storage certification process

  • Tested and factory refurbished to the original manufacturing standards
  • 90-day quality satisfaction guarantee

IBM Pre-approved Credit for Pre-owned Equipment

Credit challenges preventing your customer acquiring new technology?

Consider offering a lease of IBM Certified Pre-owned Equipment

  • Attractively priced
  • Solution to credit rating challenges

Your customers credit has been pre-approved for financing of IBM Certified Pre-owned Equipment plus 10%-20% non hardware up to a transaction size of $250,000.

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