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“The current adopters of cognitive systems realise that the business benefit is not strictly on cost savings but also to elevate themselves above the competition by offering better products and services.”

We finance possibilities! Start your journey into the cognitive era.

Accelerate your competitive advantage by re-investing and innovating your IT environment through strategic and flexible IT financing options from IBM Global Financing.

While our leases provide lowest monthly payments and include several options at end of lease, we also offer 0% interest payment plans for systems, software and services.

We can finance your entire solution. Contact IBM Global Financing or your IBM seller or Business Partner to learn more.

Please note: Rates and offerings are subject to change, extension or withdrawal without notice and may not be available in all countries.1

Special offerings and promotions

We provide you with many financing options, but our special offers are just that — special. Whether you’re migrating to a new system or looking for a bundled software-hardware deal, the offers below are some effective ways to meet your needs.

Flexible leases and loans

Over 30 years, we’ve built a diverse suite of financing services that allows us to provide loans tailored to your specific needs. The foundation of our offerings has remained the same: leases and loans (starting at 5,000 USD) coupled with a full suite of additional services that meet you along every step of your IT lifecycle.


We offer two basic types of leases:

Fair market value lease

A fair market value lease is the most predictable and lowest risk way to build the hardware components of your IT infrastructure. You pay a fixed rate over a fixed timeframe for the use of the equipment over the lease term and have several options at the end of the lease.

When your IT equipment requires additional capacity and new functions, you can add those mid-lease, often with little or no change in your monthly payments, while helping minimise IT obsolescence.

Depending on the structure chosen, end-of-lease options can include renewing or extending the lease, purchasing or returning the equipment.

Full payout lease

A full payout lease provides a payment plan for IT equipment over a fixed timeframe. Depending on the structure chosen, at the end of a full payout lease term, you may retain ownership of the equipment.

Both types of leases offer flexible terms and conditions for equipment from IBM and other vendors, that help align to your specific business requirements.



IFRS 16 – the exemption for small value assets

  • The new leasing accounting standard rules could greatly simplify the process for leasing mobile devices. Your audit advisor can provide you with details of the new rules changes.
  • Specifically we highlight the option to select an exemption from the standard rules, if the asset being leased typically costs $5,000 or less individually. Potentially mobile devices could fit within the exemption.
  • If these assets are leased, they will automatically qualify for operating lease treatment.

IFRS 16: The leases standard is changing. Are you ready? (PDF, 947KB)



Loans help you acquire the technology you need by providing you with access to alternative sources of funds, enabling you to maximise your purchasing power with competitive rates and flexible terms.

We provide loans for hardware, software and services from IBM and other vendors. The benefits include reducing upfront cost outlays, matching your payments to deployment milestones and helping you conserve cash.

Premium payment options

Our premium payment options give you several packaged choices that can be used alone or in combination with each other. From single-source financing options to using equity from your current server to finance an upgrade, our payment options provide you with balanced and cost-effective payment structures.


IBM Project Financing™
A dedicated single-source financing option

IBM Project Financing provides you with single-source financing tailored to your project’s lifecycle. By providing a dedicated funding source, IBM Project Financing helps allay the risk of delayed projects and reduces contract scope, while speeding project approval and implementation.

Get the advantages of leasing with IT equipment you’ve already purchased

If you need an immediate cash infusion and you own your IT equipment, consider a sale-leaseback: we will buy your current IBM IT assets and lease them back to you at competitive rates.

Special offerings and promotions


0% interest for IBM Software

IBM Software: 12 month payment plans at 0% interest on IBM software1 licenses, subscriptions and first-year support. Affordable rates for 24 to 60 month terms.

SaaS Solution Financing: Get rates as low as 0% over 12 months and attractive rates for longer terms when you finance your prepaid SaaS structures (annual or multi-year prepaid) through the end of the year in addition to IBM Software licenses, subscriptions and first year support. Pay month to month or with a custom payment schedule. Lock in great prices for prepaid SaaS and help preserve your cash with a flexible payment plan.


0% interest for Power systems

Power Scale-out servers: 24 months financing at 0% rate on Scale-out servers including systems software and software maintenance.2

IBM Power Systems: 12 month payment plan at 0% rate on POWER8 Power Systems servers including Scale-out/Linux, Scale-out, Enterprise (850, 870, 880), Converged infrastructure (PurePower System), High performance computing and IBM PureFlex System.2


0% interest for IBM Storage

IBM Flash Storage: 24 months financing at 0% interest for IBM FlashSystem Family models and all-flash IBM Storwize models including systems software and systems software maintenance.3

IBM Storage: 12 month payment plan at 0% interest on all IBM Storage Systems including systems software and software maintenance.4

IBM VersaStack: Finance your entire VersaStack solution with IBM Global Financing. Use our hardware Fair Market Value leasing offering for lowest monthly payment on IBM Storage, and Cisco Servers and Networking.

Additional offers

Pre-approved for Pre-owned

It’s easier than ever to acquire IBM Certified Pre-owned servers and storage. Get pre-approved financing up to a total transaction size of 250,000 USD, with a maximum of 20% IBM Software, no credit review needed!

All IBM Certified Pre-owned equipment is:

  • Fully tested to the latest IBM technology standards
  • Comes with a 90 day money back guarantee
  • Qualifies for IBM maintenance
  • Uses only genuine IBM replacement parts

We can work with you to customize and/or pre-configure the equipment to help accelerate implementation. Our Fast Ship program can deliver equipment within 24 hours, pre-loaded with software, tested and configured to your specifications. Contact us at: 0370 240 6688 to get started today. See more information on IBM Certified Pre-owned Equipment.

Collaboration software payment instalments
Break up your software licensing payments into three instalments.

If you are purchasing a new license for selected IBM® Collaboration or IBM WebSphere® portal collaboration offerings, we offer a special annual payment plan to better align with budget and project objectives. We give you financing rates as low as 0%, and the total cost is broken up into three equal annual instalments.

The first payment is due at signing, and the next two payments are due 12 and 24 months later. This provides more predictable annual costs and a smaller upfront investment for new licenses and covers expenditures as low as $5,000.

Eligible products:
- All ICS products - WebSphere Portal products (excludes any SaaS offerings and SmartCloud for Social Business)

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