Financing 3rd party vendor projects

IBM Global Financing can help fund your technology project regardless of whether there is any IBM involvement.

Will we finance it? Ask us!

IBM Global Financing is permitted under our corporate articles to finance all technology spend including both IBM and non IBM solutions. By specialising in a market segment we have developed a greater expertise to share with clients. As technology has become pervasive across sectors, we have been able to broaden the range of products we can finance.

The importance of funding to technology spend

IBM Global Financing understands the importance of funding to our customers. The IDC estimated that in 2016, more than half of buying decisions were based on the Vendor providing payment options.

Most projects require an upfront investment of cash, whilst benefits will accrue over time.

IBM Global Financing can help

Our IT financing specialists will help to show you how you can transform your chosen Vendor’s standard billing profile into a payment option that works for your specific company requirements.

We offer a complete range of affordable financing options that can maximise your purchasing power including:

Fair market value leases

  • For most types of technology we can offer some form of residual value based leasing
  • Lowers total cost of ownership for your infrastructure
  • More flexibility to add capacity as your needs change
  • Shifts obsolescence and disposal risk to IBM Global Financing

Loans and Payment Plans

  • Low market rates for software licenses, subscriptions and support
  • Funding upfront invoices for Software as a Service contracts
  • Funding for consulting engagements and multi-period services projects
  • Predictable scheduled payments to match targeted deployment milestones
  • Conserves cash with access to an alternative source of funds
  • An affordable way to acquire the technology you need now

IBM Global Asset Recovery Solutions

  • Sell your existing equipment at market value
  • Assure safe and proper disposal in compliance with local regulations

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