Financing IBM IT Services

As more companies engage in complex IT initiatives, it’s clear that services have become an essential component in effectively creating and managing effective IT solutions.

New innovations that utilize cloud, analytics and mobile platforms often require a multistage approach that leverages both technology expertise and payment solutions.

IBM Global Financing can work with you to enable your IBM Global Business Services and IBM Global Technology Services solutions with customised financing options to address consulting, transition and transformation charges, implementation and hardware maintenance of services opportunities.

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Financing services: Making the most of your IT investment

IT executives are seeking new financing options for their technology and business transformation initiatives.

IT executives continue to look for new ways to better address technology transition and business transformation through new financing alternatives. Yet options are limited. Many banks and financial institutions are prepared to fund hard asset solutions, but not willing to finance services and consulting.

Yet a complete financing solution must address ongoing service and maintenance needs so organisations can:

  • Align project costs to anticipated benefits
  • Accelerate project approval and implementation
  • Minimise upfront cash outlays to preserve capital to meet other strategic needs

IBM Global Financing can help

At IBM Global Financing, we stand apart from most financing companies – offering long-term services financing with flexible options and competitive rates. Unlike banks and other institutions, we understand technology financing and specialise in offering innovative solutions to fund complete IT initiatives to reduce risk, increase cash flow and lower overall costs.

Fully customised service financing solutions

IBM Global Financing can help you finance your entire IT solution including hardware, software, and services from IBM and non-IBM IT suppliers. Funding options include:


  • Predictable scheduled payments to match targeted milestones
  • Low upfront costs to conserve cash to meet other strategic needs

IBM Project Financing™

  • One dedicated funding source for IBM Global Services engagements – plus IBM and non-IBM hardware and software
  • Financing for your complete portfolio of IBM solutions and services

Discover how IBM Global Financing can offer more flexible options, so you can reduce upfront payments, better align project cost outlays with anticipated benefits and accelerate your project’s cash flow break-even point

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