Customer Centre

As responsive decision making becomes a normal part of your processes, you need the ability to act on those decisions just as quickly. IBM Global Financing offers you a secure online lease management tool that allows you to track and manage all aspects of your leased assets worldwide, so you can execute more efficiently.

With Customer Centre, you can productively manage your lease portfolio throughout the duration of your assets’ lifecycle. We offer powerful, easy-to-use features and capabilities that help cut costs by lowering administrative time, enabling you to move quickly and accurately track and manage your IT assets.

To create a Customer Centre account

If you are an active leasing customer of IBM Global Financing, you can create your Customer Centre account at any time by reaching out to your representative.

Already have an account?

Customer Centre capabilities

Customer Centre comprises three modules — delivery confirmation, lease management and end-of-lease, which aggregates your asset information into one simple tool. You can use each module individually or in any combination that best suits you:

Delivery confirmation

Electronic management of your delivery confirmation documents: Accept, sign, edit, review, send out for a signature, customise or download your documents. Currently available in the United States only.

Lease management

Manage your financed assets during your lease. Estimate payment forecasts, create and customise financed item reports, query download and create asset and invoice reports and manage leased assets globally.

End-of-lease management

Manage the end of your lease as simply as the beginning. View your end-of-lease choices, create customised end-of-lease reports to weigh your options and electronically execute on your decisions. Currently available in the United States, Canada and Germany.

Learn how to use the Customer Centre

Customer Centre features a full spectrum of powerful lease management functions that you can explore in the video tutorials below.

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Just need to manage the end of your lease?

Don't need the full functionality of Customer Centre. IBM End of Lease Centre provides leasing customers a self service and automated end of lease notification and decisions communication process.

Log into IBM End of Lease Centre as a guest or registered user using an access number.

Learning Series function - IBM End of Lease Centre