Financing IBM Cloud

Cloud computing can transform your business to drive new growth, accelerate the delivery of new products and services, and reduce your IT costs.

Offering on-demand access to computing resources — everything from applications to data centers— delivers more rapid innovation, improves your customer experience, enhances security, and drives more informed decisions.

Hybrid, open, and secure IBM Cloud solutions provide a set of powerful tools to expand business opportunities, execute new strategies, and even reduce IT costs.

Driving dramatic innovation

Cloud computing has transformed the way people work – unleashing innovation worldwide – through public, private, and hybrid cloud deployments. But putting IBM Cloud to work in your organisation requires flexible financing solutions so you can help align your project costs to expected benefits, preserve cash for other initiatives, and add capacity to grow your cloud infrastructure. IBM provides cloud platforms that drive growing global enterprises, and offers a wide range of financing options to help you take advantage of these important innovations.

IBM Global Financing can help

Leverage our vast expertise in technology financing to create an optimal solution that meets your vision for deploying cloud services. Our cloud financing portfolio includes a comprehensive set of funding options that can meet your immediate and future financial needs.

Affordable and flexible financing options

IBM Global Financing can help you build virtually any cloud infrastructure – financing services, software, solutions and products in a way that helps minimise upfront payments and optimises your cash flow. In fact, by financing your cloud infrastructure, you could save up to 12 percent over outright purchase through fair market value leasing.1

Turn to IBM Global Financing for a complete cloud financing portfolio to help you minimise upfront payments and maximise flexibility in meeting both your immediate and future financial needs.

Our comprehensive set of funding options can help you:

Avoid upfront payments

With zero percent loans and low rate leases and loans for hardware, software and services, you can finance your infrastructure with one affordable monthly payment and preserve cash to meet other strategic needs.

Easily migrate from other platforms

Through IBM Global Asset Recovery Services, safely dispose of old equipment according to local environmental laws and regulations.

Better align costs to anticipated benefits

IBM Project Financing™ offers an integrated, customised, and all-inclusive financial package from one resource to cover your complete portfolio of IBM solutions and services

Gain maximum flexibility

Take advantage of hardware leasing to add capacity as you grow your cloud infrastructure.

See how we can help you fund your vision