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Leader in IT financing with over 30 years of global experience

For over thirty years, we’ve provided financing to clients spanning more than 20 industries with a comprehensive portfolio of solutions. We have a proven track record with companies of all sizes, from small businesses to multinational corporations, yet we still approach each of our client’s challenges with a fresh perspective. We believe that every business challenge is different and must be met with a unique financial plan, and we have built a complete portfolio of services to meet those needs.

Our financing solutions are flexible and have the capacity to accommodate your specific requirements.

Our expertise includes but is not limited to:

IT sustainability

IBM Global Asset Recovery Services is a recognized leader in asset resale, re-use and recycling.

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Global business partner expertise

We invite you to become a member of our global network of experts so you can gain access to key resources and get a distinct advantage in your sales process.

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We can help your money work harder by providing:

  • Available upfront funding that speeds you from concept to execution
  • A single financial agreement that consolidates multiple solutions, multiple vendors, products and processes while simplifying your financial management
  • Guidance for technology life cycle management
  • Financing for IBM solution components. Non-IBM content which is part of an overall IBM end user client solution may also be eligible for financing through IBM Global Financing.
  • Predictable payments for easier cash management
  • Fixed-rate financing
  • Custom repayment terms that align cost outlays with anticipated benefits

Case study: Analytics

Solving retail challenges with help from IBM Global Financing

Market6 required to get products to stores as quickly as possible and balance stock levels to match demand, while keeping working capital available for building its core business.

Using sophisticated analytics from IBM and fixed loans from IBM Global Financing, Market6 drives growth, facilitates rapid and seamless communication among thousands of suppliers, avoids a large up-front capital outlay, and frees up working capital to focus spending on its core business.

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Case study: IBM Analytics

Watson Accelerate transformation with flexible payment plans from IBM Global Financing

Forum Engineering, a temporary staffing agency, adopts a cognitive solution to analyze data in internal candidate files to propose an optimal candidate.

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Case study: IT Infrastructure

IT consulting firm uses financing to offer their customers a contract exit option

Athena's customer wanted a cloud-based analytics solution with the option to leave the contract within 12 months, but the upfront costs were unsustainable. IBM Global Financing offered a payment plan to match the cash flow between Athena and the customer for 12 months.

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Case study: IBM Analytics

Analytics Financing solutions that help digital marketers implement analytics solutions to extract insights from multiple sources of data

IMM opts for a 5- year financing deal to deploy IBM Analytics Solutions that help crunch vast amounts of data from multiple sources, enabling smarter, faster, and more tailored campaigns for clients that drive business impact in real-time.

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Case study: Industrial

Helping pharmacies keep their shelves full while releasing capital to boost business growth

In partnership with IBM and IBM Business Partner SME UP S.p.A., Palladio Group deployed IBM® Power Systems™ to drive continuous productivity and excellent service delivery to its clients in the pharmaceutical industry. The firm financed the deployment through IBM Global Financing, keeping capital resources free to fund strategic business projects.

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