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Marketing is a data-driven science. [It’s] about using data to target audiences and create value.

As the crucial link between your customers and your business, marketing is a driving force behind business expansion. And as new technology increases your ability to reach your customers, your marketing organisation has more and more impact on your business’ trajectory.

The C-suite has started to recognise the value of reaching customers at every point in their life cycle, which makes the ability to deliver the best experience at the right time and place increasingly important. The mandate to hone marketing’s focus and drive greater personalisation is a challenge best solved through the combination of technology and talent.

Our tailored financing solutions help you streamline cash outlays, providing the framework you need to drive client outreach strategies that meet this new mandate — so you can grow and evolve as your customers do.

CMOs expect to accelerate the introduction of digital marketing technologies over the next three to five years2

We finance your innovation

When it comes to advancing their strategies, 72% of CMOs see cost as the greatest barrier.3  IBM Global Financing helps you overcome that barrier by aligning customised financial solutions to your business strategy.

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Case study: Analytics

Personalised marketing campaigns help an Asia Pacific national bank flourish

A national bank wanted to replace their current marketing strategy with personalised event-based campaigns, but they lacked the finances to implement the new technology. IBM Global Financing provided a solution that spread payments across 24 months; which allowed the bank to align its payments to expected returns from the new campaigns. The personalised marketing campaigns delivered by the new technology are credited with driving an annualised increase in revenue of 480 million USD.

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Case study: Cloud

New Zealand Health Partnership reduced costs for 20 district health boards

The 20 district health boards across New Zealand each maintained their IT environments separately. To ensure consistent service quality, the NZ Health Partnership decided to migrate all 20 districts to a single cloud-based platform. With help from IBM Global Financing, an extended payment plan enabled the client to quickly acquire an IBM Cloud solution providing a centralised IT infrastructure and maintenance platform, which delivered an estimated savings of 17.8 million USD over 10 years.

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Case study: Mobile

A Brazilian clothing retailer adopted electronic cataloging and transformed their sales force

A Brazilian clothing retailer wanted to adopt electronic cataloguing, but to do so they needed a mobile solution for their 3,000 employees. By offering a flexible leasing programme, IBM Global Financing helped expedite their implementation of the mobile solution while also helping to mitigate the risk of IT obsolescence.

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