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Unlock hidden value in organizational data by financing your cognitive application

Gain a competitive advantage through market insights based on cognitive applications built with Watson APIs.

Now your developers can:

  • Unlock hidden value in data to find answers
  • Monitor more intricate trends and patterns
  • Classify and search visual content using machine learning.

As you use Watson to grow your base of more and more advanced cognitive applications, consider how flexible financing can help you:

  • Avoid upfront costs 
  • Match cost outlays to project outcomes and milestones.
  • Accelerate cognitive projects 
  • Build more innovative applications

We can help you turn upfront cost outlays into affordable monthly payments at low interest rates — plus create a payment plan customized to your specific development cycle.

Add more value through affordable financing

Speed development of cognitive applications through IBM Watson and access to specialized IT financing expertise.

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Using Watson IoT to create transformational change

As the Internet of Things – or “IoT” – evolves, more and more connected devices change the way we experience the world. Watson IoT simplifies the networking of devices to drive digital disruption with far-reaching impact.

By financing tools such as IBM Maximo® for asset lifecycle management and IBM TRIRIGA® to automate facilities management you can more quickly deploy cognitive IoT technology to infuse new intelligence into products, services, and processes.

With the right financing, you can more rapidly deploy solutions to create the transformational change you envision.

Strategic and cost-effective IT financing options

IBM Project Financing™

One customized, all-inclusive financial package from one resource to fund all phases of your IBM Watson IoT projects

Watson IoT helps you connect the physical world to deliver more relevant data and knowledge. Let us help you connect with the right financing.

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A new era of cognitive initiatives

Throughout the healthcare sector – from research, administration, and delivery of care – Watson Health offers new solutions to create a healthier tomorrow through cognitive technology.

With precise insights into individual and population health issues, providers make more informed decisions, improve diagnostics, reduce errors, and enhance care through cognitive applications that can understand, reason, and learn.

Turn to IBM Global Financing to finance the technology you need to deliver advanced analysis and insight, accelerate discovery, and improve outcomes worldwide.

A complete set of IT financing options

IBM Project Financing™:

One customized, all-inclusive financial package from one resource to fund all phases of your IBM Watson Health initiatives.

Discover how our specialized IT expertise can help you use Watson Health to make innovative healthcare discoveries that improve outcomes worldwide.

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Antonio Carrasco, Chief Executive Officer, PLM

“If we hadn't started the transition to cognitive computing four years ago, we'd be out of business today. The business value of teaming with IBM Global Financing is it’s very easy to play with them, very easy to business; go show the project, have the money, start investing, and get to our goals in our business.”

IBM Global Financing can help

We can help finance both IBM and non-IBM technologies, services, and solutions to make best use of Watson through flexible funding options that are easily adaptable in a rapidly changing and competitive environment.

An affordable way to access technology, loans from IBM offer affordable and predictable payments with interest rates as low as 0% for 12 months. 

And by financing your cognitive application development, your organization can conserve cash for other strategic initiatives. 

Explore your options. Discover how we can help you fund your vision.