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Deliver innovation customers demand

Don’t let budget be an obstacle to creating more dynamic, more personalized interactions customers expect. See how we help clients fund innovation through customized financing solutions that align to specific industry and financial needs.

Case studies

ANALYTICS: Balancing inventory to speed product delivery to retailers.

Discover how IBM Global Financing helped Market6 acquire sophisticated analytics through loan terms that eliminated up-front capital outlays and freed up cash for its core business needs.

Analytics: Safer, more efficient petroleum retail operations with IoT

“We found working with IBM Global Financing to be very easy. We were able to negotiate a flexible payment plan that allows us to conserve capital to meet other strategic needs—a big plus for a mid-sized company.” - Sergei Gorloff, CEO, Petrosoft

INFRASTUCTURE: Supporting innovative IT projects to drive business success.

Learn how Czech Property Investments took advantage of flexible and customized financing options to deploy the latest technologies, while conserving cash to fund other business initiatives.

Execute critical strategic initiatives

Invest in your most essential business priorities today with customized financing options. Meet key strategic needs. Improve operational efficiency. Learn how we help fund IT initiatives that optimize both ROI and cash management.

Case studies

ANALYTICS: Adopting cognitive solutions to optimize candidate evaluation.

Find out how IBM Global Financing offered temporary staffing agency Forum Engineering a flexible payment plan for acquiring Watson technology to analyze complex data and fill jobs more quickly.

SYSTEMS: Supporting a growing beer company to increase market share.

Learn how customizing monthly payment installments helped Grupo Petrópolis deploy systems and storage technologies to integrate processes after it acquired a large distribution firm.

ANALYTICS: Extracting essential insights from multiple data sources.

Discover how IMM took advantage of 5-year financing on IBM Analytics solutions to create smarter, faster, and more tailored campaigns for clients in real time.

Maintain your competitive advantage

Leaders lead. If you only keep up, how can you move forward? Discover how we help organizations worldwide sustain market leadership through financing the advanced technology so essential to securing a competitive advantage.

Case studies

EDUCATION: Opening new opportunities for learning and achievement.

Learn how IBM Global Financing helped Benesse Corporation to create an affordable monthly payment plan for student iPad rentals.

SYSTEMS: Gears up for explosive growth with IBM Power Systems

Find out how IBM Global Financing helped Itambé implement the new infrastructure, and migrate SAP applications to the new platform.

HEALTHCARE: Helping pharmacies keep their shelves full.

Discover how creative financing solutions for Palladio Group helped preserve capital resources to fund other strategic business projects and support business growth.

IT Transformation: The C-suite perspective

Discover why global leaders consider financing as an essential tool for creating transformational change in a rapidly shifting IT landscape.

CFO point of view

CFO Innovation.

Interview with IBM Global Financing CFO Adam Wilson.

CFO point of view.

Find out what the top 4 percent of CFOs are doing now to prepare for the future.

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