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Meet IBM® z/OS® Connect

IBM z/OS Connect provides a simple and intuitive way to bring the power of APIs to your mainframe. Unlock the value of your IBM Z subsystems with truly RESTful APIs and create consumable APIs in minutes to make Z applications and data central to your hybrid cloud strategy. Call APIs from Z applications to enhance them with the power of cloud native functions.

Benefits of IBM z/OS Connect

Quick and easy

Remove dependencies on platform-level skills and create OpenAPI-defined APIs in minutes.


Secure your APIs and leverage improved security schemes with OpenAPI.

Manage and control

A single, consistent, approach to monitoring and auditing all IBM Z APIs across the platform.


Enable development teams to independently deploy and scale API integrations.

z/OS Connect Enterprise Edition features

  • RESTful APIs to and from your Z assets
  • Call APIs from Z
  • Designed for DevOps
  • Enterprise ready
  • Monitor end-to-end API requests
  • Active 3rd party ecosystem

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Which option is right for you?


Try out z/OS Connect EE in your environment today for free.


API enable your first few Z applications.


Bring the value of your entire mainframe to the cloud.