Feature spotlights

Fully integrated UI experience

IBM Spectrum® LSF Suites offers a fully integrated UI experience, which can enhance the productivity of users through ease of use and simplification. Designed to enhance productivity, users have more ways to access HPC resources, including mobile clients for job monitoring and notifications and an integrated desktop client for Windows environments. The extendable UI enables sites to include client-specific customizations and extensions.

Dynamic hybrid cloud

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IBM Spectrum LSF Suites provides support for a hybrid HPC cloud, enabling workloads to be forwarded to multiple clouds and data to be automatically staged to or from the cloud. Further, resources that are consumed on the cloud can be autoscaled based on workload demands and scheduling policies.

Simplified packaging and installation

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IBM Spectrum LSF Suites is available in three versions with progressively stronger capabilities. It offers a streamlined installation process for quick deployment from a single server into an existing environment. The solution also provides functionality for bare metal installation. See the infographic for a comparison on the functionality of IBM Spectrum LSF Suites.

Designed for the enterprise

IBM Spectrum LSF Suites deliver advanced capabilities to boost both user productivity and hardware utilization while decreasing system management costs.

Automated GPU configuration

IBM Spectrum LSF Suites automatically detects and configures NVIDIA GPUs, dramatically simplifying the administration of GPU servers. Combined with NVIDIA GPU behavior monitoring, health and diagnostics, and accounting and process statistics, this helps organizations get the most out of their heterogeneous computing infrastructure.

Containers as batch jobs

IBM Spectrum LSF Suites provides support for organizations that are using container technologies including Docker, Shifter and Singularity. This streamlines the building, testing and shipping of an application, enabling an application stack to be consistently deployed both on premises and in the cloud.

System requirements

IBM Power®, x86-64, AArch64