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Getting started with this product

Is there a no-cost download available for Db2 Event Store, so I can try out the offering before I purchase it?

Yes. You can install the Developer Edition on Mac, Windows or Linux environments at no charge; then, you can ingest and query up to 100,000 inserts per second using a single node. The Enterprise Edition enables you to ingest and query 1 million inserts per second per node. For production-use pricing, send an email to:

Is there a tech talk to help me get started?

Indeed, one of the Db2 Senior Tech Staff Members or Master Inventors can show you an online walk-through of Db2 Event Store to help you get up and running fast, so you can begin capturing and analyzing data faster than ever. Click the link below to join the tech talk, available on demand at no charge.

Is there a product demo on the latest features of Db2 Event Store?

Yes. Click the link below to view one of the Db2 Event Store product demos or select “Resource library” from the “Resources” menu in the nav bar to view more.

What are the system requirements for Db2 Event Store Developer Edition?

Click the link below to view the software and hardware requirements for Db2 Event Store Developer Edition.

Are there instructions on how to install Db2 Event Store Developer Edition?

Yes. Click the link below for detailed instructions for installing Db2 Event Store. For a successful installation, you must have a minimum of 20 GB of available storage on your local file system. In addition, if you already have Docker installed, ensure that it is allocated at least 6 cores and 8 GB of RAM.

Other common questions

Do you have an industry use case demo around Db2 Event Store?

Yes. Although there are many industry and IoT use cases for Db2 Event Store, the retail demo provides a good example. It shows how Db2 Event Store derives customer insights from clickstream data. 

Is Db2 Event Store integrated with IBM Data Science Experience?

Db2 Event Store Developer Edition includes IBM Data Science Experience Desktop, which enables you to run Jupyter notebooks. Similarly, Db2 Event Store Enterprise Edition includes a full-featured version of IBM Data Science Experience Local. Click the link below to learn how to use Jupyter notebooks with Db2 Event Store.