IBM XWork Server features

A single programming platform for web and mobile apps

Use a single platform to deliver applications for browser, mobile and desktop. You can write applications once and deliver them to multiple web and mobile devices. Plus, pre-defined, customizable application templates help create user interfaces with interactive capabilities, and you can use the Dojo JavaScript library to build rich desktop, mobile and web experiences.

Capabilities for social business applications

Access capabilities tuned to help you develop social business applications that connect with online communities. You can integrate your business applications with relational and non-relational databases and add interactive user experiences to new or existing business applications.

XPages technology

Take advantage of XPages technology, a Java platform-based web application framework in IBM Domino® Designer, to build applications using open standards-based tools. Use HTML, XML, cascading style sheets, JavaScript technology and Representational State Transfer (REST) application programming interfaces to build applications without needing advanced Java programming skills.

Tools to create secure, tailored apps

Work with finely grained application and data-level security features. Build tailored applications that use business logic, user directories and built-in messaging services. Use a robust object model that delivers platform services through server-side JavaScript technology to build workflow-driven applications.

Technical details

Software requirements

Please use the following link to access an index of software requirements for IBM XWork Server.

    Hardware requirements

    Please use the following link to access an index of hardware requirements for IBM XWork Server.