Feature spotlights


Discover all instances of privileged user and application accounts across the enterprise.

Manage and Audit

Establish custom workflows for obtaining privileged access. Securely store privileged credentials in a vault, with check-in and check-out functionality. Automatically rotate passwords when needed - after every use, at regular intervals, or when employees leave. Create reports to demonstrate compliance.

Monitor and Control

Know how your privileged accounts are being used and deter abuse. Control endpoint application privilege escalation by revoking or limiting privileges among IT admin and business users. Limit privileges for business and IT users and stop malware at the endpoint.

Secure and Protect

Prevent unauthorized use of privileged accounts while removing or limiting privilege escalation. Record and monitor privileged session activity for audit and forensics. Enforce least privilege policies on endpoints.

How customers use it

  • Discover Your Privileged Accounts


    Often, organizations don’t know what privileged accounts exist, or where they’re stored, so they can’t secure them against hackers or insider threats.


    With IBM Security Secret Server, organizations can use Discovery to automatically find privileged accounts and bring them into the vault, to ensure their privileged accounts are secure and compliant.

  • Secure & Manage Your Privileged Accounts


    Shared credentials to privileged accounts, such as admin accounts, are often written down on post-it notes or shared spreadsheets. Yet these same credentials unlock organizations’ most critical assets.


    With IBM Security Secret Server, organizations gain full control over which users have access to which privileged credentials, and how they can use those credentials.

  • Monitor Your Privileged Accounts


    With shared accounts, it can often be difficult to know exactly who is accessing your systems and data. If someone adds a backdoor account, makes an unauthorized change, or takes some other risky action, it can be difficult to trace who did what.


    With IBM Security Secret Server, you can monitor and record privileged sessions so you know every keystroke a user takes for comprehensive audit and forensics.

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