Feature spotlights

Large, small and software-defined configurations

Ideal for customers who need an engineered solution that can handle large or small amounts of petrotechnical data. It allows organizations to manage or ingest structured or unstructured files that can later be used to provide better decision-making or promote investments that maximize economic returns.

Flexible and scalable compute, storage and networking

The combined Schlumberger ProSource Seismic Data Management software and IBM® VersaStack leads to reduced operational expenditure by helping to ensure that CPUs are properly sized, resulting in decreased power, cooling and other operational costs. Leveraging its integrated compute, networking and storage devices enables deployment on-premises or on the cloud. It allows more control over your resources—as you need more compute capacity, you can add storage based on the needs of your workload.

Security-rich storage

IBM Petroleum Solutions for ProSource provides a security-rich delete file-level encryption for internal and external storage. It uses software key license manager (SKLM) to provide a private key assignment on internal and external storage.

End-to-end data availability, protection and reliability

This offering is a simplified and scalable tiered architecture that helps to achieve quicker time-to-value. It uses your organization’s existing petrotechnical assets with analytics and automation on your repositories. It allows for intelligent migration of data, from ingesting data to inputting it in a repository to archiving it in a repository to transition the data. This solution is security-rich and future-proofed to support full data lifecycle management.