Feature spotlights

Global Network Peering Platform (GNPP)

Create a hybrid solution by interconnecting multiple carrier MPLS networks and Internet connections across geographies. This platform links multiple providers' MPLS networks and Internet VPNs to enable seamless WAN infrastructure operation with the client.

Single management dashboard

Use an integrated customer portal so designated users can view hybrid cloud network performance. This easy-to-use portal also offers a rich set of reports to help you gain a more comprehensive view of your network performance.

SD-WAN Managed Services

Roll out new sites or add more WAN capacity quickly by leveraging broadband Internet bandwidth to augment the MPLS network instead of trying to orchestrate IT, network and software changes or purchase more MPLS capacity.

Hybrid WAN service

Integrate traditional MPLS connectivity with other connectivity options such as the Internet for cost savings.

Encryption over WAN

Encrypt end-to-end communication between sites and over private cloud services.

Dynamic application routing

Re-route application traffic automatically in response to changes in network conditions or the optimal link.

Any-to-any VPN

Benefit from scalable, manageable, any-to-any connectivity between sites over encrypted communication links.

WAN optimization

Accelerate application and data traffic to ensure peak performance of applications and improve the user experience across any network.

Web filtering and proxy-based Internet access

Provide faster access to regional web resources and firewall capabilities.

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