High throughput replication with integrity and consistency

IBM Data Replication portfolio provides log based change data capture with transactional integrity to support big data integration and consolidation, warehousing and analytics initiatives at scale. It provides you the flexibility to replicate data between a variety of heterogeneous sources and targets. It also supports zero down time data migrations and upgrades. IBM Data Replication can also provide continuous availability to maintain database replicas in remote locations so that you can switch a workload to those replicas in seconds, not hours or even minutes.

Centralized monitoring platform

Gain visibility into the performance of your replication environment with central monitoring. Quickly perform deployment and data integration processes using the simple graphical user interface (GUI).

Continuous, trusted data delivery

To prevent costly downtime and productivity losses, software data can be synchronized between two systems to provide continuous availability and data delivery to support critical business operations.

Increased business agility

Change data capture technology allows you to easily capture from logs and deliver critical dynamic data in near real time enabling you to make proactive business decisions based on current events.

Reduced costs

By continuously moving small amounts of changing data, you can save on system resources and network traffic thereby saving operating costs.

Key features

  • Continuous availability
  • User Interface and APIs to monitor and manage
  • Programming free data integration
  • Log based change data capture capabilities
  • Multi source, target and replication topology support
  • IBM Z, distributed and cloud support
  • Remote log based capture from Db2 z/OS
  • FlexPoint licensing

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