Manage inappropriate and malicious web content

IBM X-Force Exchange Software Development Kit (SDK) leverages the skills and extensive infrastructure of IBM X-Force to help deliver and maintain a set of threat intelligence data focused on the areas of URL filtering, IP reputation and web application profiles. This Software Development Kit uses an up-to-date URL filter database—also known as a web filter database—to provide accurate analysis. It also provides an application programming interface (API) to facilitate integration.

Access accurate and current information

Get information on three types of threat intelligence: URL categorization on over 38 billion evaluated web pages and images, IP reputation on over 850,000 IPs and 3,900 web application profiles.

Save time

Optimized for fast access to threat intelligence for high throughput applications.

Increase efficiency

Enable easy integration, flexible configuration, built-in licensing and customized ticket options.

Features of IBM X-Force Exchange Software Development Kit

  • Provides access to a URL and IP filter database
  • Enables profiling on web applications
  • Enables integration
  • Access an API through your favorite programming language

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