What IBM Power System E870C can do for your business

The IBM® Power System™ E870C, with OpenStack based cloud management and open source automation, speeds and simplifies your cloud deployment with fast, automated virtual machine (VM) deployments, pre-built image templates and self-service capabilities with an intuitive, user-friendly interface. You’ll get increased security, high availability, rapid scalability, simplified maintenance and management for a world-class enterprise private and hybrid cloud infrastructure. The Power E870C also enables business growth and dramatically reduces your costs.

Optimize big data and analytics

Designed for big data, the Power E870C optimizes performance and scales to support demanding workloads. Capitalize on data currency with faster business insights.

Realize enterprise cloud potential

Move more workloads to the cloud and capitalize on greater efficiencies with higher utilization and performance capabilities, scale out and up features and built-in robust security.

Transform how IT is created and consumed

Design next-generation applications to drive business success. Our open server technology helps you deliver a broader set of services that incorporate new technologies while using the same footprint.

Enable DevOps to full production

Utilize OpenStack based cloud management to enable dev ops management for full production for AIX, IBM i and Linux workloads.

Key features

  • Private cloud management
  • Cloud-based HMC Apps as a Service
  • Cloud automation and configuration tooling for AIX®
  • Hybrid infrastructure management tools
  • Connect to cloud-native applications
  • IBM Cloud Starter Pack
  • Flexible capacity on demand
  • Power to cloud rewards