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Understand your Inventory - Technical Support Appliance

See how hardware inventory discovery and support analytics of IBM and non-IBM devices can to simplify inventory management.

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IBM Healthcare Industry: 2020 Vision

The IBM Healthcare's vision, to engage the audience in a view for their future and IBM as their partner.

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Digital Hospital Series: Overview

A typical hospital has thousands of diverse applications, devices and technologies, yet the pressure for standards adoption and interoperability is mounting.

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IBM Healthcare Technology Support Solutions

Streamline healthcare IT support, reduce costs and increase uptime.

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Information and Healthcare IT manufacturers

You manufactured and sold your product; continue to focus on what you do best and let IBM handle your backend tech support.

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Support for your Networking Equipment

IBM Maintenance Solutions provide technology support for networking products, regardless of the manufacturer.

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Proactively and preventatively support your IT needs in the cognitive era.

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