Four good reasons to use Healthcare Cost and Care Insights

Enhanced data analytics and insights

IBM® Healthcare Cost and Care Insights lets you compare against expected values based on performance-impacting factors and against expected rates for clinical and operational performance. Cost and Care Insights provides a customized analysis for specific organizations and services – or according to the risk and severity of patients. You gain immediate answers to business questions without manual report creation and data interpretation.

Stakeholder dashboards to visualize performance indicators

Cost and Care Insights provides interactive dashboards for stakeholders across the organization. Use the automated dashboards to see and share performance analytics – with one view for both your operational and care teams. Cost and Care Insights helps identify your improvement opportunities and where to focus within those hospitals. It also empowers users through advanced search capabilities and performance reporting at their fingertips.

Executive summary monitoring cost/quality in a single view

Executive-level dashboards give upper management at-a-glance performance metrics across the entire hospital system. They can drill into more details and look at trends over time to identify the greatest opportunities – and which performance metrics are the most significant. Executives are able to prioritize performance drivers and make confident decisions.

Consulting services to get started quickly

The IBM Provider Consulting Services team can provide a head start in implementing Cost and Care Insights. They’ll work with you to identify the specific areas that you’re interested in analyzing and then go into your data to find the answers you need. Our consultants can help develop strategies, plans and roadmaps for your journey. They have a proven track record working with organizations wanting clinical and operational improvement.

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