How Guardium Express Data Protection for Databases works

Discover and classify sensitive data

IBM Guardium Express Data Protection for Databases discovers your databases and the sensitive data within them. It automatically updates access policies when sensitive data is found.

Streamline compliance efforts

Create normalized database audit records without affecting the database or application performance, and without requiring native database auditing logs. Automatically report on the security posture against database access policies. Capture database activity in real-time, and use preconfigured policies and reports to automatically respond to data-relevant sections of key regulations. Help teams ensure the right people get the right reports at the right time for signoff.

Monitor and audit data activity in real-time

Provide visibility into all transactions and identify application users who make unauthorized changes from common service accounts. Offer user and application access monitoring and auditing that is independent of native database logging and audit functions. Monitor security policies for sensitive data access, privileged user actions, change control, application user activities and security exceptions. Support exception policies and policy-based actions. Block traffic when necessary.

Expand seamlessly as you grow

The Guardium solution supports centralized log collection and management and seamless load balancing. You can address compliance requirements and then upgrade to support broader data security requirements as needed to create and maintain a centralized data security and compliance solution. Expand to include more types of users and support role management. Extend to additional data sources using the same platform or upgrade to block data access and quarantine users or mask results as needed.

Technical details

Software requirements

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    Hardware requirements

    Hardware requirements for IBM Guardium Express Data Protection for Databases can be viewed at: