Export and deliver content at the speed of business

IBM Export for FileNet Image Manager is an application that exports documents quickly and easily from IBM FileNet® Image Services. The export procedure can be done in an IBM FileNet BatchIt conform input format for later importation into a FileNet back end, without any additional process steps. This proven tool provides checkpoints-and-restart capabilities for convenient administration of the export procedure.

Reduce operating costs

Automating the task of exporting documents enables you to reduce resource costs and utilize staff for other business functions.

BatchIt compatibility

Importations into FileNet back ends can be achieved by using IBM FileNet BatchIt, without any additional changes.

Recover mechanism

In case of failure, an automatic recover mechanism can be used to try the exportation again, in whole or in part.

Key features

  • Exports documents quickly, reliably and easily
  • Delivers BatchIt compatibility
  • Supports external launch
  • Provides checkpoints-and-restart capabilities