What does IBM Aspera High-Speed File Transfer do?

IBM® Aspera® High-Speed File Transfer enables organizations to rapidly transfer large files and data sets—whether structured or unstructured—over an existing WAN infrastructure. It provides predictable, reliable and secure delivery regardless of file size, transfer distance and network conditions. This file transfer software consists of client and server software packages that can transfer time-critical files across multiple locations—even remote locations using poorly-performing networks.

Address the needs of your enterprise

A flexible and scalable data transfer solution to address the growing needs of your organization.

Get single-point management

A web-based console management application that offers consolidated, single-point management of your entire Aspera network.

Benefit from FASP technology

Fast, Adaptive and Secure Protocol (FASP®) technology provides enterprise-grade security, high reliability and exceptional bandwidth control.

IBM Aspera High-Speed File Transfer spotlights

  • High-speed, robust and reliable data transfer
  • Web-based console management
  • Fast, Adaptive and Secure Protocol (FASP) technology
  • Customized reports and auditing

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