What it can do for your business

IBM Sterling Managed AS2 Gateway can simplify the setup and management of AS2 connectivity, allowing you to meet AS2 requirements for authentication, encryption, non-repudiation and data integrity. The solution helps you achieve a secure, accurate and smooth transition to AS2, and without the expense of building a complex infrastructure for secure Internet communications.
Sterling Managed AS2 Gateway

Communicate with AS2-based partners

Enables you to send EDI documents as you normally do, using a fast and secure AS2 gateway that is fully transparent.

Connect to any customer or partner

Lets you connect to any organization, whether they are using AS2 or not, allowing you to add as many AS2 accounts as you need.

Easily comply with AS2 mandates

Manages the differences in communications, format, content and security between Internet-based and non-Internet-based partners.

Speed deployment

Enables you to quickly activate the service by contacting IBM Sterling Commerce. Our staff will answer questions and collect the information required to get you up and running quickly.