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IBM Z® DevOps made cognitive with IBM Application Delivery Intelligence

Smarter DevOps begins with API.

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IBM Application Delivery Intelligence High level Overview

Summary presentation

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Z DevOps Application Delivery Intelligence

Discover how Application Delivery Intelligence is the first solution provides analyytics to improve your DevOpps activites.

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New Z Technology: Application Delivery Intelligence (ADI)

Learn how you can plan, analyze and visualize test and code coverage trends, through a simple and intuitive Web interface,

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Discover hidden trends in the delivery pipeline

Learn how to balance cost and risk while driving innovation.

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Intelligent Devops: Get Rid of the Guesswork

Discover how Application Delivery Intelligence makes your development more streamlined and efficient

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ADI Trial

Drive continuous improvement in DevOps adoption by visually analyzing correlated application trend information.

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Can DevOps Be Cognitive? Meet Application Delivery Intelligence

Read this blog to see how DevOpps teams are applying analytics and now cognitive computing to improve the way they do things.

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IBM Application Discovery and Delivery Intelligence Library

Product abstracts and guides

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Product Announcement

IBM® Application Discovery and Delivery Intelligence V5.0.1 enhances Z application discovery

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Enterprise DevOps blog

Learn how enterprise DevOps can help you innovate.

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Code Quality versus Quality Code

Read this blog to learn the difference between code quality and quality code.

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