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January 15 -19, 2024; Davos-Klosters, Switzerland
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Let’s create trusted AI for business

The economics of AI have given rise to tremendous adoption, but the stakes have never been higher. The course to be charted will define how businesses balance cutting-edge innovation with the core values of integrity and trust. They will challenge organizations to rethink the role of their workforce and how best to navigate privacy and legal risks. As leaders, we must foster a culture guided by the duty to ensure the well-being of people is prioritized, data quality is upheld, and models are designed and deployed safely.

IBM looks forward to this year's 54th Annual Meeting and contributing to the crucial discussion around “Rebuilding Trust.” 

IBM and Meta launch the AI Alliance

Launched in collaboration with over 50 founding members and collaborators globally, this group is focused on fostering an open community to enable the acceleration of responsible innovation in AI.

Questions? Contact the IBM Davos team.

Replays Generative AI: Steam Engine of the Fourth Industrial Revolution?

Watch a replay of IBM Chairman and CEO, Arvind Krishna discussing AI's role in the 'fourth industrial revolution' in this WEF panel event.

Watch the replay: Quantum’s Black Swan, with Ana Paula Assis

Ana Paula Assis, Chair and GM, IBM EMA, talks about the potential for quantum computing to reshape economies and industries, and what’s next for this groundbreaking technology.

Politico and IBM: The Great AI Debate

Watch the replay of our Oxford style debate on who should write the future of AI. Hosted by Politico and sponsored by IBM.

Reports AI Adoption Index

Data Suggests Growth in Enterprise Adoption of AI is Due to Widespread Deployment by Early Adopters, But Barriers Keep 40% in the Exploration and Experimentation Phases.

AI Governance Alliance: Briefing Paper Series 2024

In an era marked by rapid technological transformation, the AI Governance Alliance – Briefing Paper Series stands as a pivotal point of reference, guiding responsible transformation with artificial intelligence (AI).

IBM and WEF Report: Quantum Economy Blueprint

This blueprint provides a framework for value-led, democratic access to quantum resources, extending the Quantum Computing Governance Principles into practice for regional or national strategies.

WEF Skills First Hiring Report Featuring IBM

New WEF report on the importance of skills first hiring to keep pace with innovation highlights IBM’s SkillsBuild program.

WEF Report on TradeTech in Collaboration with IBM

Read WEF’s new report, with collaboration from IBM, on how transformative technologies like AI robotics and automation will revolutionize global trade.

Perspectives from Davos

Listen to diverse viewpoints and opinions on global issues from attendees of the World Economic Forum, including world leaders, policymakers, and other experts.

Views from Davos: Mohamad Ali

Watch Mohamad Ali, SVP and COO, IBM Consulting, discuss the event's theme, rebuilding trust.

Views from Davos: Sebastian Krause

Watch Sebastian Krause, SVP and Chief Revenue Officer, IBM, discuss his point of view in rebuilding trust with generative AI.

Views from Davos: Jonathan Wright

Watch Jonathan Wright, Global Managing Partner, IBM Consulting, discuss how trust will dictate the pace of change with generative AI.

Conversations from Davos

Gain insights from business leaders and experts attending the World Economic Forum as they discuss a range of topics in thought-provoking one-on-one interviews.

Women in AI: Ana Paula Assis
Interview with Claudia Edelman

Watch as Jesus Mantas interviews Claudia Edelman of We Are All Human.

Interview with Sabastian Niles

Watch as Jesus Mantas, Global Managing Partner, IBM Consulting, interviews Sabastian Niles of Salesforce.

Interview with Tim Stekkinger

Watch as Jonathan Wright interviews Tim Stekkinger of TradeTech Global Initiative.


We’re honored to be leading several important discussions at the Annual Meeting and welcome you to follow the conversation with our executives. 

Arvind Krishna

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, IBM

Gary Cohn

Vice Chairman, IBM

Jonathan Adashek

Senior Vice President, Marketing and Communications and Chief Communications Officer, IBM

Rob Thomas

Senior Vice President, Software and Chief Commercial Officer, IBM

Jesus Mantas

Global Managing Partner

Ana Paula Assis

General Manager, EMEA

John Granger

Senior Vice President, IBM Consulting

Mohamad Ali

SVP & COO, IBM Consulting

The IBM Studio on Promenade 87

Located on Promenade 87, 7270 Davos, Switzerland, the IBM Studio will be host to important discussions around rebuilding trust, including how organizations can apply trusted AI for business.  WEF attendees are no strangers to high-stakes decisions. And today, with the advent of generative AI, the stakes couldn’t be higher. With the economics of AI fundamentally changing, accelerated processes and reduced expenses could help unlock USD 4.4 trillion annually in productivity.

Businesses and governments bear a significant responsibility to ensure the integrity of their data and the ethics of its application. Missteps can expose organizations to data privacy issues, legal complications, and ethical dilemmas. Equally important are the human aspects— the profound ways in which this technology will reshape workforces, automate tasks, and create entirely new categories of jobs. That’s why IBM is focused on:

  • Ethically responsible AI
  • The targeted regulation of AI
  • AI for sustainability
  • AI and the workforce

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