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Keynote 1: Scaling your business with AI and hybrid cloud Keynote 2: Unleash the transformative power of AI and automation Keynote 3: Scale productivity with watsonx assistants Keynote 4: Scale the impact of generative AI with trusted data and governance Keynote 5: Build the architecture your AI needs​ Keynote 6: The future of AI is open​
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Hear from prominent figures in AI
We’re gathering some of the top minds in business and technology to help you learn how to scale AI across your business
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Arvind Krishna, IBM


Dr. Darío Gil, IBM


Shadman Zafar, Citi


Rebecca Yeung, FedEx Corporation


Kaete Piccirilli, Red Hat


Kareem Yusuf Ph.D, IBM


Kelly Chambliss, IBM


Stephan Gerali, Lockheed Martin


Tyler Derr, Broadridge Financial Solutions


Ritika Gunnar, IBM


Anurag Rana, Bloomberg Intelligence


Gary Kotovets, Dun & Bradstreet


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Make valuable connections

IBM Think events are a great way to connect with the expertise and technology you need to scale AI for business, innovate with speed and maximize ROI

The technology

Engage with immersive AI experiences that are interactive and role-based, showcasing the transformative impact of AI on business functions and job roles. 


The expertise

Get to know the people behind the latest AI for business trends and innovations, and discuss topics that matter most to the success of your AI for business plan. 


Your future

Insider access to IBM’s latest product enhancements, along with value-creating next-generation technologies like AI and quantum, can help your organization stay ahead of the competitive curve. 


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