Science for Social Good

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When research scientists and engineers come together with NGOs and key stakeholders from the private and public sectors, they can help solve the world’s toughest problems. Drawing from projects conducted at IBM Research including many under its Science for Social Good program, Aleksandra “Saska” Mojsilovic illustrates the historic opportunities for AI and deep science to address the world’s biggest social impact challenges. This includes IBM’s recent efforts using advanced technology to tackle COVID-19 and help the research and medical communities understand the virus and expedite discovery of a treatment.


Aleksandra Mojsilovic

IBM Fellow, Head of Trustworthy AI & Co-Director, Science for Social Good, IBM Research, IBM

Aleksandra (Saška) Mojsilović is an IBM Fellow, the Head of Trustworthy AI and Co-Director of Science for Social Good for IBM Research. She is a Fellow of IEEE and a member of the IBM Academy of Technology. Previously she was at Bell Laboratories. Saška received her PhD in Electrical Engineering from the University of Belgrade, Serbia. Her main research interests include multidimensional signal processing, data science, machine learning and AI and she has applied her skills to problems in computer vision, healthcare, multimedia, finance, HR, economics, social good, and AI ethics. Saška has authored over 100 publications, holds 16 patents, and has received numerous awards, including the IEEE Young Author Best Paper Award, European Conference on Computer Vision Best Paper Award, INFORMS Wagner Prize, IEEE SOLI Best Paper Award, IBM Gerstner Award, IBM Market Intelligence Award and several IBM Outstanding Technical Achievement Awards.