Put It to the Test: What Does 5G Success Look like at Enterprise Scale?


5G, Edge, IoT, and Cloud computing are all key trends in the market today. The next generation of manufacturing is critically dependent on these new disruptive technologies: every industry will be disrupted. IBM and Samsung have developed a methodology of identifying the right areas of collaboration determined by agile workshops. Learn how to approach your integration of these fast-moving technologies.


Edward Choi

Vice President of Strategic Alliances, Samsung Electronics America

Nick Otto

Vice President Strategic Partnerships, IBM

IBM Executive with over 15 years of cross industry experience helping clients transform. His current role in IBM Strategic Partnerships is focused on working with IBM’s most strategic partners to identify synergies to create new markets for joint customers. Nick’s passion is grounded in partnering with clients to understand and align corporate strategy imperatives to AI, Cloud, Mobile and other transformative technologies. His experience with external GBS consulting as well as internal IBM corporate strategy spans multiple functional areas including finance, sales, workforce, and operations as well as numerous industries including Electronics, Aerospace & Defense, Finance and Healthcare.

Aung Thi Ha

Chief Executive, Info-communications Media Development Authority, A Singapore Government Agency