Let's Disrupt! How Embracing Open has Brought Business Value to Amdocs


Leading large-scale ISVs are relying on open source technologies in their core enterprise software stacks as a way to speed innovation and lower costs. However, there are still many challenges associated with building, deploying and maintaining solutions built on open technologies that industry leaders should consider. Join Cedric Gegout, Head of Technical Product Management at Amdocs and Camilla Sharpe, Global MVS SWS Business Line Executive at IBM as they discuss how Amdocs, a leading provider of software and services to communications and media companies, is leveraging open source to increase Amdocs’ and its customers’ pace of innovation and drive digital transformation. This session will examine why open source is an integral part of the Amdocs strategy, and why IBM Technology Support Services and Amdocs are partnering on these aspects.


Camilla Sharpe

Global Business Line Executive Multivendor Software Support, IBM

Camilla is the Global Business Line Executive for IBM's Software Support business focusing on multivendor products. In this role she has had the opportunity to travel the world to meet with clients, sellers, and business partners, which has helped her gain a unique perspective on how clients are leveraging open source technologies across their organizations. She is passionate about constructing support solutions to help solve complex client challenges related to open source, as well as working with strategic alliances to bring exciting new offerings to market. Since joining IBM in 2005, Camilla has held a range of leadership positions across several business units and functions including finance, operations and sales.

Cedric Gegout

Head of Technical Product Management - Amdocs Technology, Amdocs Technology

Cedric has a 20 year career on leading high-tech company modernization initiatives, and accompanying IT disruptions. Now focusing on DevOps and Cloud Native domains. Cedric is a people-centric innovation enthusiast, constantly pioneering new technologies & practices, and promoting intrapreneurship.