The POWER of the Mayflower Autonomous Ship

Infrastructure and Quantum

Mayflower Autonomous Ship (MAS) is an autonomous ship, powered by renewable resources, which commemorates the 400th anniversary of the original Mayflower voyage. ProMare has a long history of marine research and has coupled with MarineAI to embark on a program to build MAS. For the inaugural voyage in 2020, MAS is enhanced with deep learning based on IBM PowerAI technologies, information transfer with IBM edge fabric technology, smart decision-making with IBM ODM, and real-time weather from the Weather Company. The team will show you how they are integrating these IBM technologies in their DevOps process to enhance the AI systems on MAS, and developing a "Captain Watson" capable of operating at sea for extended periods of time, unaided by direct human control.


Donald Scott

CTO, Marine Ai

Brett Phaneuf

Managing Director, Marine Ai Ltd