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7608: Blockchain Anywhere: The Next-Generation Blockchain Platform has Emerged


More and more industries are deploying blockchain. In addition to being the world’s #1 blockchain platform provider, IBM has a unique vantage point as it is also a solution provider, services consultant, open source contributor, cloud vendor, and blockchain network owner. With the most blockchain solutions in production across many industries, IBM understands what businesses need and expect from their blockchain solutions. Come hear Jerry Cuomo, IBM Fellow & Vice President of Blockchain Technologies, Gari Singh, CTO of IBM Blockchain Platform and other blockchain experts discuss key enterprise blockchain use cases, client feedback and emerging blockchain economy requirements, and get a preview of the next-gen blockchain platform in action.

Core Curriculum Blockchain
Cloud & Infrastructure Theater F
Thu (February 14), 3:30PM PT


Joan Zerkovich


E. P. Moffatt

UK Design Manager, IBM Blockchain Platform, IBM

UK Design Manager for IBM Blockchain Platform.

Marley Gray

Principal Architect - Azure Blockchain Engineering, Microsoft

Marley Gray currently serves as the Principal Architect for the Azure Blockchain Engineering team leading the design and development of Microsoft's Blockchain Middleware platform code named Bletchley. Marley is a founding member of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance and currently serves on the Board of Directors and Technical Steering Committee.

Gari Singh

CTO IBM Blockchain Platform, IBM

As a Distinguished Engineer and the CTO of IBM Blockchain, Gari Singh has provided the guidance and leadership that has made IBM a leader in the blockchain space. He is responsible for IBM's core blockchain platform as well as IBM's blockchain as a service offering. Gari is also a core maintainer and contributor to Hyperledger Fabric, an open source blockchain technology for enterprises.

Eileen Lowry

Global Program Director, IBM Blockchain Garage, IBM

Eileen is responsible for accelerating the adoption of IBM Blockchain and helping clients solve business network problems using blockchain technology. Her team of technical architects and developers educate clients on blockchain, design the solution architecture for blockchain applications, as well as build and deliver blockchain applications in order to drive business outcomes. She is based out of the IBM Cloud Garage in New York City, Soho. During her 10+ years with IBM, she's held various business and finance roles, including M&A strategy and business development, financial planning and analysis, as well as pricing strategy. She began her IBM career working as a software engineer for z Systems in Poughkeepsie, NY. Eileen holds an MBA from the NYU Stern School of Business and BS in Computer Science from Union College.

Gennaro A. Cuomo

VP Blockchain Technology, IBM